FOI Group, LLC, was founded in 1999, dedicated to turning the founder’s inventions into successful products. FOI owns intellectual property at all stages of the life cycle and currently has seven issued patents in five distinct invention areas. It also has a constantly growing number of patents pending and a flood of ideas in various stages of pre patent development. These products and ideas cover a wide range of industries including renewable energy, military, physical fitness, transportation and fire fighting. FOI has a wide range of experience and business contacts and has experience working with industry executives, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs. The Companies issued patents are displayed and discussed on the website, but obviously, the large number of company’s inventions or products that are not ready for disclosure, will not be on this Web site, except for ideas to assist nonprofits and non-commercial ideas, which will be posted from time to time.

FOI may be available to consult with other organizations looking for fresh insight and advice. Please don't wait long to contact us as we may have contractually committed to one of your competitors or may already be developing a breakthrough product in your field.

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